Best Miami International Airport hacks

What are some of the best Miami International Airport hacks?

Today we’re going to show you the BEST Miami International Airport hacks for 2019.

Here are hacks to save you money, Luxury car service to & from airport hacks, Ticket hacks, Hotel Hacks, Clothing hacks, Cash Hacks, Fun hacks for successfully navigating Miami International Airport.

Some amazing tricks we share can help you with comfort traveling to and from Miami International Airport.

In fact, we recently experienced these exact hacks to fly like a “PRO”.

1. Book a flight on time, reach on time with Miami car service

Book your flight on time and save your wallet. According to Cheap Air, the best time to book a flight is three weeks before traveling. In order to book flights with the best price, you can start monitoring the price fluctuations at the earliest possible time.

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Give yourself the best chances of reaching on time at Miami International Airport. You can get away at least 90 minutes before your flights from your residence with car service in Miami. You know it very well that first class car service Miami is available in affordable rates and to experience luxury to and from Miami International Airport anytime.

2. Reserve your seat wisely

When you reserve your seat, don’t take the first row of a 2-row exit seat configuration. That seat doesn’t recline. The second row does. We recommend you not to pick a seat next to the galley or the bathroom even though it’s a bulkhead seat. The space in a bulkhead is a noisy space and you are irritated the toilet smell throughout your flight. When you book your seat, there are 4 middle seats and 3 along the windows (747-400 for example), pick the middle section for your comfort.

If you want to change your seats and not digging your seat assignment once you’re on board, the flight attendants will help you when and where ever possible. In addition, if you are not in business class and there are more seats than people, look for the opportunity to score one or more free seats beside you. These free seats will give you the opportunity to stretch out, lean and be more comfortable during your flight.

3. Have your travel docs handy

When you reach Miami International Airport, you need your travel docs handy for ease presentation. You can keep every doc in a travel wallet including an electronic boarding pass, your passport and all the personal documents, It helps to spend your comfort time over there. If you don’t have a travel wallet, please buy one to organize passport, boarding passes, currency, personal documents etc.

Please make sure that you have a digital and hard-copy backup for your passport if in case of missing. In addition, make sure your visas are all in order.

4. Reserve a night flight

Miami international airport is the largest gateway between the United States and south to Latin America, and is one of the largest airline hubs in the United States, In 2018, 45,044,312 passengers traveled through the airport in 2018, making the airport the 40th busiest airports in the world, one of the busiest south Florida’s airports in the country in terms of passenger traffic.

The airport remains busy all day and night but it’s not as hectic as during the daytime. You can reserve your night flight when many people do it to avoid long queues. Read books, watch a movie, get relaxed, stand up and walk around in the airport before leaving instead of wasting time standing in lines.

5. Travel light, light and light

Don’t pack several items for your trip because you don’t need an endless outfit. Don’t miss the jeans that you wore at home. You can travel anywhere with a backpack and a duffel. It’s easy to carry and light. More, if your backpack’s weight is within the limit of airlines, you don’t need to waste your important time at Miami international airport.

Roll your clothes, keep your clothes wrinkle-free and save a ton of space in your backpack while traveling!

6. Don’t purchase from the airport

You may want to purchase some goods at Miami International Airport, we recommend not buy because the prices of merchandise and services here are usually much more expensive than usual. Pack snacks and chocolates from home, don’t buy it at the airport, it’s expensive.

Don’t forget to pack some meal bars, nuts or dark chocolate to keep your blood sugar up.

7. Pre-Book Transportation

If you’re looking for a VIP car service to Miami Airport or car service from Miami Airport, reserve your car & limo service with the confirmation number from your earlier online, call, text or chat reservation. You can book with Lynx limo, we promise to ride you like a celebrity.

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We know that sometimes traveling to an airport can be stressful but we guarantee to give you a reliable car service to Miami Airport that is on-time, professional, unrivaled and affordable.

8. Lounges

If you manage to have lounge access at Miami International Airport, it will be a wonderful experience while waiting for your flight. When you access the lounge, be mindful of its location and make sure you can get there easily. If you don’t have the status through your airline membership, consider a day pass. Better yet, travel with someone who has it and be their guest.

9. Fully charge your devices

When you are flying from Miami International Airport, we recommend you to carry power adapters. Every time you show up to a charging station, mostly you see are full. Travel with a portable, multi-plug adapter to add value at the airport. You can keep your devices always fully charge so that you can play games, receive and take calls, watch movies and surfing internet on your own interest.

Most importantly, your power charger will ensure that you have your phone ready for use when you land.

10. Luggage

Keep your luggage always organized, which saves a ton of times at the airport. In case your flight is delayed or canceled, we recommend you to head to the baggage check of Concourse E in Central Terminal, that allows you to store your luggage and backpack.

Miami airline has determined what you can or cannot bring on board in your carry-on luggage. Check the policies of the airline before you pack your stuff.

11. Wear the right shoes

We suggest you to wear easily removable shoes at Miami International Airport to make the security process smoother. Easily removable or shoes without laces give you more freedom to get comfortable on your long flights.

When you walk around the airport or use the bathroom, comfortable shoes can give you freedom without having to lace up your kickers every time.

12. Get behind business travelers

If you are flying first time from the Miami International Airport, you need to get behind business travelers. Business travelers are usually frequent flyers who know how to not only choose fast lines here but how to move through them quickly.

You follow a professional, you will be in a win-win situation.

Pack up your necessities, prepare for what you need, arrive at Miami International Airport on-time and be ready to create some amazing memories with Lynx Limo. We provide you first class car service Miami airport or professional, reliable and affordable transportation anywhere you desire us to take you. Chat with us to get a quote and book your ride today with Lynx Limo.

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